About us


For twenty years, first with Arte Visual Argentina and since 2005 associated with Galeria de Arte Belgrano R and since 2008 we moved to Palermo Hollywood with Galeria de Arte Palermo H, at 6047 Cabrera street, and we are currently in Honduras 5929, having as main objective to promote and spread our art locally and internationally. In a real way, Galeria de Arte Palermo H continues to do a wonderful job on a virtual level, this includes an important dissemination of the site and, consequently, of the artists exhibited in it. We believe

And so we continue working for a dynamic connection of cultural marketing in its different aspects, institutional, financial and logistical of the market. For this reason, we contribute our own initiatives such as the preparation of a catalog of Argentine art books, or total support for the NGO Mil Obras de Arte MOArt that is revolutionizing the Kindergartens of the City of Buenos Aires, and of which They have made 18 gardens, each one with more than 10 original works of art, framed and certified in each Garden that are donated for life to the Cooperator of each Kindergarten.

And always from the Palermo H Art Gallery dedicated to samples of relevant artists, everything that allows us to create a network whose maximum OBJECTIVE is a more fluid exchange with our country and abroad. We also organize shows, events and other activities for private companies, foundations and government institutions, interested in bringing artists together with an increasingly diverse audience. On the other hand, and consistent with the importance of the dissemination of all activities related to the exciting world of art, we put on our portals basic information that the public finds regularly and in detail, both nationally and internationally.

We also aspire to create a privileged environment capable of bringing together Argentine artists, and of helping to detect new trends and encourage their growth, offering all artists the possibility of having their own page, with a link to our portal, and also their own website with own domain.

(For example www.yourname.com.ar). A space where they can show their works and briefly explain their background, including reviews, samples, and everything that the artist is interested in sharing with his audience. In this way, Galeria de Arte Palermo H (and also www.artevisualargentina.com.ar) provides a complete and updated Database of Argentine plastic artists, with complementary information and references to the existing bibliography.

Our page "www.artediccionarioarg.com.ar" has a connection problem. Soon it will be able to be consulted, while in our two Sites section artists - / - you. You will be able to know who are the Argentine artists that we are collecting.

If you are not there, call us and claim. The telephone numbers of the Gallery are still 011-4774-5181 and 4773-0450, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., otherwise, you can leave us your message.

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