Children's Art

With your Art, it proposes a playful space between the Child and Art through Plastic Expression Workshops for children.
They go to schools, countries and birthdays.
Tel .: (15) 4044-0679
National Museum of Fine Arts, Av. Del Libertador 1473, from Tuesday to Friday, at 11 am, special guided tour for kids on vacation. Inf .: 4802-0802.
Papelera Palermo - Art for boys./ Workshops that stimulate the creativity of children. Art and fun., Papelera Palermo transforms the facilities of its House of Crafts into a creative art workshop for children.
Workshops to discover, imagine, capture ... a wonderful stimulus towards the infinite creativity of children.

Use origami as a motor, starting point and meeting point.
Become familiar with the use of paper as a plastic and creative support.
Learn the folding technique and the realization of different figures.

Among other things, a journey through Argentine and Latin American art, incorporating the different worlds of each artist,
their techniques: drawing, painting, modeling and mixed techniques.
We will do handmade paper, engraving, binding and screen printing.

- Recognition, handling and use of different types of wood, tools and materials.
- Knowing techniques of carpentry practice and design.
- Develop visual language.
- Learn to observe, streamline perception and intuition; what is carpentry and its applications.
- Construction of useful objects for carpentry, models, games and toys.

For more information, you can visit, write to or by phone at 4833-3081.