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Galeria de Arte Palermo H and NGO Mil Obras de Arte every end of the year, except this 2021, performs with all the Kindergartens of the Palermo, Villa Crespo, Chacarita and Colegiales neighborhoods, a large collective exhibition in which they participate with a Individual or collective work all the little students of the Gardens, generally inspired by the works of the artists of their Mini-Gallery that the NGO Thousand Works of Art donated to their Schools, making for them almost a Mini-Museum (in perpetual donation) so that the circle is closed.

Here we present the sample of a year taken at random, with the works of the little ones.

This year 2021 and despite the pandemic, in one way or another we will do the exhibition in the Palermo H Art Gallery that we could not do in 2020. With protocol and looking for the way, WE WILL DO IT.