November 19, 2021, at 6 pm, virtual and face-to-face, with zoom and all the necessary protocols, and with an antivirus “wine of honor”, in all rooms “100 female artists RESIST in the FRIDA style” showing the best of their construction site.

On December 3 also in all rooms and with a toast with a glass of cider, “100 male artists” show

Her works “Resisting like gentlemen”

And on December 18 in Room 1: Marta Perez Temperley

                                       In Room 2: Rodolf Gauthier

                                       In Room 3: Eugenio Salas

                                    And in Room 4: Brailosky’s Performance

And on December 27: “New Year’s Fair” – With a list of works at uncompetitive prices.

And in January the 4 rooms continue, fortnight by fortnight